All About Soy

1. Two glasses of Soy mild a day contain enough chemicals to alter the menstrual cycle.

2. Some of the chemicals added to natural Soy products in Soy are also known to contribute to breast cancer.

3. Never use Soy formula for babies and don't use TOFU. Babies can survive on Avocado OR almond milk prepared from fresh almonds. Stale almonds will poison babies with rancid fats.

4.Don't use Soy unless it had been fermented or sprouted Use only Temeh, Miso and Soy sprouts. Soak Soy beans for three or four days and rinse them twice a day them cook until soft. Primitive cultures used Soy with little harmful effect due to the habit of soaking and straining which removed the harmful enzymes. The heat of the cooking process also helps eliminate unwanted enzyme activity. The sprouted form is quite safe. Soy cannot compare to animal protein as far as effectiveness in the human diet. Vegetarianism is fine if done right. Hardly anyone does it right.  Vegetable and fruit protein is an inferior grade of protein and often combined with starch that inhibits its absorption. Our bodies are geared for the absorption and use of animal protein. The liver cell of any mammal looks and functions much like the human liver cell.. Our bodies take those cells and use them for self repair and antibody production.  In this regard, the animal kingdom is our spare parts warehouse so to speak.

5. Foods affect hormone imbalances in the body.  Just about every new chemical coming out these days seems to contain estrogenic substances so the situations that will contribute to hormone imbalances abound.  Adding the wrong foods to the diet can contribute significantly.  Many of the hormone imbalances are very frequently the result of poor Adrenal Gland function which causes imbalances in hormones.  These imbalances should not be chased therapeutically.

6. When faced with hormonal imbalances and symptoms always take one more step backwards in you diagnostic approach towards discovery of the true cause of the stress responsible for the Adrenal Gland dysfunction.  Identify the stressor/s, remove it/them, and then make a decision on whether or not nutritionally/glandular/hormonal support is really necessary and exactly what that support should be.

The information on Soy is Misleading.  This short article will list some warnings on Soy.  The Internet is loaded with information warning of the harmful effects of Soy when used improperly. Robert Cohen, the man, recommends organically grown soy.  My opinion is that the bad effects of Soy are due to the adulteration of the natural food for commercialization.  Because the human race has weakened itself on denatured junk food for several generations, we are genetically predisposed to trouble from foods that can shift the chemical balance too far in one direction.  We are not healthy enough to tolerate this effect and so certain foods affect us, based upon our individual weaknesses. Soy is one of those types of foods since it contains large amounts of nutritional complexes that have strong effects on out endocrine systems.