June 2010 

Concerning Better Health: 

To anyone wishing improved health I sincerely recommend Dr. Oceanak.  I have had the good fortune of being her patient for 1 ½ years.  While all of my friends seem to be getting older with more ills, I appear to be getting younger with fewer ills.  I am no longer so tired with a bladder control problem, rough skin, constant foot, back and shoulder ache.  Now I again walk barefooted in the house.  My ankle and foot no longer feel like they need constant support.  My skin texture is much smoother and softer. 

Wishing Everyone Improved Health,

Elsie S. Heist

TESTIMONIAL From patient – T.D. 
April 5, 2010
I have had a chronic “middle of the night”, insomnia problem for years. It went from bad to worse in the past five months. After being unsuccessful trying a number of natural sleep supplements that usually work and what I thought was a very healthy diet, I found myself relying on a prescription sleeping pill 5-6 nights a week to perform at my job as a graphic designer. The sleeping pill would work but always have me waking up very groggy for hours and guarantee a bad headache side effect almost every time I used it. Although the claim of the medication is that it is not physically additive they become phonologically additive. The problem was so bad I was always feeling exhausted and often depressed over the endless problem I have had for the past two years.

Dr. Oceanak suggested a complete body scan of about 35 items I consume daily or weekly to find out what was causing my problem.  This included many toiletry products and many of my favorite foods.  Surprisingly, when she tested me, I crashed on 18 out of 35 items and found many common items such as my asthma medication, shampoo, baby powder, farm raised salmon, Italian bread, coffee, wine, ice cream and even dry cleaning chemicals to be antagonistic to my system.

After a few weeks of eliminating all 17 stressors from my daily routine and performing the 21 day SP cleansing diet Dr. Oceanak prescribed, I starting sleeping great after the first week of the cleansing diet.  Now 3 weeks later and I'm still sleeping great!!! About a 90% improvement. Thanks to the cleansing diet and elimination of the 17 stressors, I am getting a solid 8-8.5 hours a night, DRUG FREE!  In addition, I have eliminated the steroid asthma medication my doctors had me taking for the past 15 years.  The new supplements and plenty of herbal tea have my asthma under control.

Words cannot express how much better I feel.  My mental clarity and energy level are dramatically better.  My work is so much easier to perform and I’m happy again, not short tempered with my family and simply feeling rested and rejuvenated.  The cleansing diet is not easy but how can you argue with these dramatic results?

I have never met a doctor as patient and dedicated to helping her patients as Dr. Oceanak. No other doctor has given me as much time, meticulous attention and follow up to my health issues.  I also have Dr. Oceanak treating my sons recently diagnosed MS condition.  He has been able to stop the painful prescription medication they had him injecting 3 times a week which started to effect his liver and prostate.  After a month on the right supplements his liver and prostate are now 100% healthy again and he is also doing great with no MS symptoms after nine months of following a healthier diet of no refined sugars and white flour and taking a number of fantastic supplements for his condition. He just got accepted to a a top New England Liberal Arts College, Trinity College and we all have high hopes for an MRI free of new brain lesions in a few months. I would highly recommend Dr. Oceanak and the Nutrition Response Testing and treatment techniques she uses to any family member and friend.


J.C. 03/09

What was it like before you came to see Dr. Oceanak?

Before seeing Dr. Cynthia Oceanak I experienced chronic deep tissue/muscle pain in my back and neck for 9 years. Chronic fatigue, dizziness, nausea and balance issues were problematic with my eyes. Being only 20years old and struggling to keep motivated every day was exhausting and extremely difficult. I truly thought after seeking countless diagnosis and coming up short that this was something I would always live with. 

How is it now?

Now, I have been able to manage my overall health, strength and diet for ME! I can wake up feeling refreshed and get through a 15 hour day without napping.  Cutting wheat out of my diet significantly helped this and eliminated dizziness, nausea and balance issues with my eyes.  My back and neck pain has substantially subsided. I do experience "Flare Ups" with pain typically induces by stress and external factors in which I can gain control of once better understanding my needs.


Dr. Oceanak is an outstanding doctor with a wonderful bedside manner.
She helped my 12 year old insomnia problem and gave me a new diet to follow supportive supplements. I had a 90% improvement with my insomnia within two weeks!!! Now six months later, I have almost thrown the prescription sleep medication away and the terrible headache side effects also.  Her nutritional guidance has me feeling stronger and more rested a critical factor for my work as graphic designer with his own business. She now has a patient for life, I have recommended her to family and friends and I would recommend her to anyone.

January 2009

In July of 2008 my massage therapist requested I see Dr. Cynthia Oceanak, telling me I was very sick. I did have an issue with my foot which I over-turned in August of 2006.  After seeing many foot doctors, getting injections, medications, orthotics with no results. On October 30, 2008I had my first consultation with Dr. Oceanak.  I was told I had a parasite.  I have a long list of other ills which she told me would clear as the result of the treatment for the parasite.  It is now January and I no longer have constant indigestion, rough skin, and skin tags on my neck and foot problems.  When I came to Dr. Oceanak I needed shoe support from morning to night to stand on my feet.  Now I’m back to wearing non-support slippers without problems.  

I am still in awe of my results.

Sincerely E.H.

C.S 8/08

Before I started coming to ATLAS CHIROPRACTIC & NUTRITION CENTER I was suffering from lack of sleep, low fatigue and frequent outbreaks on my face.  I tried various medications for my acne but nothing seemed to work. I was desperately seeking for a way to get rid of these symptoms and find out what was the cause.

Now I am getting a good amount of sleep and I have a lot more energy and motivation during the day. Most of my breakouts have subsided with none to a little breakout every so often.   DR. OCEANAK helped me find out from a nutritional and physical standpoint the actual cause of the problems. I thank Atlas for helping me to become a healthier and more nutritional aware person!

V.S. 8/08

I felt my body was “off balance” inside and out. My back was tight and sore. I had a history of “sciatica” down my left leg.

Not sleeping soundly. Certain times of the month I had heart palpitations. I also was not as conscious of my diet. My behavior felt like “scatter brain.”

Today? My body feels in better balance. Sciatica is my left leg has subsided. My back is better.  Sleeping is better too. Now that I am on a nutritional plan with Standard Process products and eat better organic foods I feel much better. No heart palpitations and not feeling “scattered”. 

T.S. 7/08

I actually used an electric wheelchair provided by the department stores because my feet hurt so much. Walking was truly a hardship.

I am much better with thanks to ATLAS CHIROPRACTIC & NUTRITION CENTER.

Today I am on my feet 2 hours a day & pain free!

B.P 7/08

Very Frustrating, not feeling well. I had trouble with cholesterol & sugar.

And Now? It is working! I am feeling better. My sugar and cholesterol are going in the right direction. But most of all I am losing weight! Thanks Dr. Oceanak!

J. M.               10/07

 At the age of 19 I fractured my neck in an automobile accident.  When I sat in one position for a long period of time in a soft chair I would have problems getting out of the chair.  I also had problems raising my right arm above my head.  I also had a problem with allergies which caused me to have sinus headaches often.  I took allergy medicine daily.

Now that I've been having regular adjustments by Dr. Oceanak I no longer have the problems in my hip area that caused me to have a problem standing after having sat for a long period of time.  Dr Oceanak was able to help me raise my arm again too.  I no longer have sinus headaches therefore I no longer take allergy medicine.

C.W. 1/7

Prior to coming to
Atlas Chiropractic & Nutrition Center I had several health issues that are gone or have very much improved.

1. What was it like before you came to see us?
Headaches, mental fatigue, neck pain with pain radiating down both arms and into my hands.
Right knee pain. I also have a poor memory with little or no appetite.

2. How are you symptoms now?
My headaches are gone as well as the pain in my neck, arms and knee. My hands ache but are improving all the time.   My appetite has returned, memory improving.

J.B.  12/06

During the fall of 2005 I began changing my habits and using supplements from Atlas.  Below are just some of my results to date;

1. No more nose bleeds
2. My energy level is up!
3. I lost 23 lbs.
4. My skin tone looks alive!
5. Arthritis has left my fingers.
6. I lost feeling between two fingers years ago after breaking my wrist. The feeling is back now back.
7. I used to get heavy wax in my ears after showering. No was at all.
8. The arthritis in my toes is almost gone.
9. The corns on my feet have also left.
10. My aching legs have also disappeared.
11. At my recent eye exam the results show great improvement in pressure.
12. I have a skate board accident on a Sunday afternoon. Come Monday morning I had to take my left hand to raise my right arm. After 1 visit to Dr. Oceanak I walked out raising my arm and waiving my right hand.

B.K. 5/08
Regarding Your Improvement: What was it like before you came in to see us?

When I came to
Atlas Chiropractic & Nutrition Center I had VERTIGO. I had to do with my inner ear. I would fall off balance and get dizzy. I just felt a mess.

How Is It Now?

I feel allot better and am not dizzy anymore. My adjustments along with my nutritional program I felt relief immediately.  Praise God for Dr.
Cynthia Oceanak!

C.S. 5/08

Regarding Your Improvement: What was it like before you came in to see us?

I had a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders.

How Is It Now?

The adjustments are giving me gradual improvements in my overall comfort and in my posture.


J.I.       3/08

My Improvement: My thumb, forefinger & middle finger were numb all the time.  I kept dropping things and day to day activities were hard to perform.

In about 5-6 weeks I got feelings in my thumb and forefinger.  In about 2 more weeks the feelings were coming and going in my middle finger. Now I have feeling in all fingers!  Day to day tasks are much easier now.

L.M.      4/08

What was it like before you came to see us?

I would feel tired all the time even after an 8 hour night’s sleep. My face was full of acne and not very effective with any treatments or cleansers.

How is it now?

I am full of more energy even if I have 7 hours or less of sleep. My face is slowly clearing up and I only have outbreak a significant amount during my menstrual cycle.

D.C. 8/08

Serious continuing right hip pain.  Difficulty moving, walking & keeping my balance.

I was also bloated and tired with no energy.

Dr. Oceanak has helped me tremendously! I have little or no hip pain. I’m moving 100x’s better, walking easily, going up and down steps easily with much better balance. Also I have no bloating, eating better with more energy with weight loss!!

D.P. 7/08


I had knee pain. I couldn’t walk up stairs without having pain.

After about four weeks of DR. OCEANAK treating me with supplements and having adjustments.  I am now walking up steps without any pain!

A.S.  11/07

     For several months I was experiencing intense panic attacks.  These attacks included heart palpitations, upset stomach, fears of leaving my home, muscle soreness and depression.

     Since I began seeing Dr. Oceanak I started to feel more in control about my well being. The program started to work about a month after my first visit. At this time I do not have the high level of anxiety I was experiencing along with the heart palpitations, upset stomach and fears of being away from my home.

B.C. 12/07

I was diagnosed with Chrohn's Disease at the age of 17 and spent much of my time on the sidelines suffering from its debilitating effects on my body and spirits.  It was every six months or so that I found myself unable to participate in life. During every flare I had to be close to a restroom and in most cases I couldn't even walk because of the joint pain was so bad. My speed skating, social and personal life suffered.

Now, with my program here, I've stayed healthy for longer than I have ever come to expect.  I can go back to training or working without the constant worry.  I have more energy and confidence to push myself as far as I need to. No longer do my joints ache after a practice.  This program helped me to get back to the things in life that I love.  All for a small commitment and a little diligence.  It's an easy trade in my book.