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Discover more about the positive effects of Massage Therapy!

The Health Benefits of Massage

* Massage calms the nervous system and promotes a sense of relaxation and well being.

* Massage reduces tension and anxiety.

* Massage improves blood circulation, which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

* Massage stimulates the lymphatic system, which carries away the body’s waste products.

* Massage prevents and relieve muscles cramps and spasms.

* Massage therapy can also help with pain management in conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, muscle spasms.

The Physical Benefits of Massage Therapy

The immediate benefit to any client of massage therapy is to produce a feeling of relaxation and release. This is a combination of both reflex and mechanical response to the massage. Reflex being a relief of tension and stress, sometimes leading to a reduction in pain by making gentle physical contact with the patient and mechanical being the actual physical effect caused by firm massage movements. ssage will not make your day-to-day problems go away, but after one session you are more likely to feel relaxed, positive, and more able to cope with anything that life has to throw at you.

As well as producing a relaxed feeling, massage applied with gentle vigour can equally stimulate the body and mind. A vigorous massage can also assist the athlete preparing for a sporting event by rapidly increasing the blood supply and generally 'waking up' the muscle for activity.

Massage can increase the circulation of blood around the body and improve the number of red blood cells and haemoglobin present in the blood.

Another important effect of massage is to encourage the flow of lymph. Lymph is the fluid that assists in the removal of waste products from around the body's systems, and massaging areas of injuries can encourage the body's healing.

Massage can also assist in retaining tone in muscles that may have wasted through under use, particularly after an injury. It can assist digestion through abdominal massage and certainly produce a feeling of well-being and contentment. Massage is frequently used to assist in the treatment of anxious and depressed patients, both acute and chronic.

Atlas Chiropratic massage therapist Lisa is available by appointment. 

Lisa, Our Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy is one of the oldest methods of healing, as the practice of therapeutic massage can be traced back nearly 4,000 years. Statistics from both Canada and the American Massage Therapy Association show that millions of North Americans use it today.

Massage therapy refers to a comprehensive health management strategy focusing on the application of various techniques to positively affect the soft tissues and joints of the body. Massage techniques most commonly include pressure and compression, kneading, and mobilizing to improve the health and condition of the muscles, tendons, skin, fascia or connective tissue of the body.

Today massage is thought of as a holistic therapy that complements medical treatment. The "Physician's Guide to Therapeutic Massage" shows that massage can decrease pain, improve range of motion, improve mood, aid in the circulation of blood and lymph flow, reduce muscle and joint soreness, and improve sleep.

What is Lymphatic Drainage massage?
A massage therapist with appropriate training performs a painless and relaxing, whole-body massage. The entire procedure physically stimulates the lymphatic system to move excessive fluids that are associated with the body’s lymphatic system. The movement of lymphatic fluid through lymphatic nodes purifies and detoxifies unhealthy fluid that surrounds our connective tissues.

A massage therapist with appropriate training performs a painless and relaxing, whole-body massage. The entire procedure physically stimulates the lymphatic system to move excessive fluids that are associated with the body’s lymphatic system. The movement of lymphatic fluid through lymphatic nodes purifies and detoxifies unhealthy fluid that surrounds our connective tissues.

What body conditions can warrant Lymphatic Drainage Massage?
Certified therapists are often referred patients by medical doctors for treatment of acute and chronic lymph-edema, neuromuscular disorders, post-mastectomy pain, fibrosis and other conditions. Sports injuries, sprains, strains, post plastic surgery, sinus and congestion problems, scar tissue reduction and stress are some of the other conditions that can benefit from lymphatic drainage massage.

What functions does the body’s lymphatic system perform?
The lymphatic system is composed of assorted size vessels and lymph nodes located throughout the body. There are hundreds of lymph nodes in the body whose function is to filter the lymph fluid. An important part of the body’s immune system, lymph fluid contains cells that remove harmful bacteria, viruses and other undesirable substances. The lymphatic fluid system does not have a muscle similar to the heart, which would aid in “pumping” the lymphatic fluid consistently. Therefore, when the lymphatic nodes or vessels become damaged due to surgery, injury or for any other reason, gentle lymphatic drainage massage stimulates the lymphatic fluid flow. Lymph fluid is normally encouraged to flow by the body’s natural motion of muscles, organs and other body parts.

Is this massage therapy for me?
Some people have more serious medical reasons to receive this massage therapy, however; others regularly receive lymphatic drainage massage to simply aid in the reduction of minor swelling, congestion, headaches, acne and other conditions. Many people wish to encourage their immune system to function as effectively as possible and choose to receive this relaxing therapy.

Swedish Massage
Through manipulation of soft tissue, massage can provide many short and long term benefits to the recipient. Some of these benefits include relief of muscle tension, stress, and aid in relaxation. Massage also enhances athletic performance, provides greater joint flexibility, helps with rehabilitation after injury, and can reduce blood pressure. Clients receive a wide variety of these benefits as well as many other, too numerous and varied to list here. Every person has their own experience with massage, which can be different each time they come in.

Deep Tissue Massage
Combined with Swedish Massage, deep tissue can provide incredible results when significant results are desired. Whether a client has tight muscles, strains, or is recovering from an injury or strenuous sporting event, deep tissue can make a huge difference. Using specific safe strokes to the affected areas, the therapist can free up tight muscles and help stretch out painful areas. Many aches and pains can be relieved using these proven techniques.

Trigger Point Therapy
The purpose of trigger point therapy is to eliminate pain and to re-educate muscles into pain-free habits. Applying direct pressure to tender areas known as Trigger Points in muscles can alleviate both pain at the area of discomfort, as well as improving radiating or referred pain. This therapy can be beneficial to facilitate long-term alleviate of pain and an increased ease of motion.

Sports Massage

Perform your very best, whether you are a highly conditioned athlete or weekend warrior. Optimize your performance, get relief from the discomfort that typically comes with training, and get help for injuries or trouble areas.

Chair Massage
Seated massage is uniquely well suited to the professional environment as it is provided on a specially crafted chair and can be completed in just 15 minutes. Clients remain fully clothed while I focus on the neck, shoulders, head, back, arms, and hands. Little or no lotion or oil is used. Chair Massage helps people feel physically and mentally energized.

Nervous About Your First?

The girls go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.  The office is peaceful and inviting. Their warm personal approach and caring nature will put you instantly at ease.
She'll take you through the whole process step-by-step. Each session starts off with a private consultation to find out exactly what you need and want. If you feel uncomfortable about anything let her know. She knows what it's like to get your first massage and understands what you're feeling.

Many first time clients worry about having to get undressed. Not a problem. You are always securely covered throughout your massage treatment. You only take off as much clothing as you feel comfortable removing. Or if you prefer, request a fully clothed session.