Dr. Cynthia Oceanak D.C. CN.

Doctor of Chiropractic: 1989 graduated from Pennsylvania College of Straight Chiropractic
(now consolidated with Sherman College of Chiropractic).
*Licensed in Physiotherapy
*Post Graduate Training and Advanced Studies in Clinical Nutrition
(Currently 500 plus hours)
Post Clinical Training:
Dr. George GoodHeart (pioneer in AK (Applied Kinesiology)
Dr. Richard Versendal (developer of CRA-(Contact Reflex Analysis)
Dr. Stuart White (developer of SSA- (System Strength Analysis)
Dr. Fred Ulan (developer of NRT- (Nutritional Response Testing)
*Herbal Clinical Studies
Dr. Angela Hayward
Dr. Kerry Bone
*Quantum Neurology -Q.N.
Dr. George Gonzalez (developer and researcher of QN- (Quantum Neurology)
Nervous System Rehabilitation with LED- (Light Emitted Diode)
*Heart Rate Variability - Dr. Alexander Riftine (developer and founder)
*Neuroemotional Technique- Dr. Scott Walker (developer and founder)
*Cranial sacral Therapy- Dr. Upledger (developer and founder)
Cranial sacral Therapy I and II
Pediatric Cranial sacral Therapy
Visceral Manipulation
*Lymphatic Drainage Therapy
*Neuromuscular Therapy - Studies of Paul St. John

Interview With The Doctor

My name is Cynthia Oceanak, D.C. and I am a life long residentof Hunterdon County. I grew up in Kingwood Township and graduated from Delaware Valley Regional High School. I had a personal experience that eventually led me to become a Chiropractor.
Leading an active life as a youth and teenager including a love of horseback riding; I developed back problems in my early teens. The problems persisted and worsened, despite traditional medicine, treatments and drug therapies. At nineteen, I was bed-ridden, in pain and in despair.
During this period of my life, a friend encouraged me to go to a chiropractor. After a particularly difficult episode, I consented, desperate for relief in any form.
Barely able to walk, I hobbled into my friend's chiropractor's office, doubled over in pain, with tears in my eyes.
After my first treatment, I felt some relief and I wondered-what had this chiropractor done? There was a definite change in my back and the pain had lessened. On the way out of the office, I grabbed all the information I could get my hands on to learn more about this mysterious treatment! 
I learned that misalignments of the vertebrae of the spine, called subluxations can reduce the nerve functioning of effected parts of the body, even if that pressure is as light as the weight of a dime on the back of your hand. I read that subluxation can eventually lead to symptoms such as the pain I was experiencing in my back. I also learned that we often mask many of the symptoms such as body aches and pain, by taking medications such as pain killer, or we just "learn to live with it." I decided to commit my health to chiropractic care and began the recovery progress.
Several years later, my back symptoms having disappeared, I began a new career in construction, where I completed an apprenticeship as a drywall tape and finisher, with local union 1976 in Piscataway, NJ. During my ten years in construction, my interest in chiropractic care grew. I encouraged many of my co-workers to seek chiropractic care, because they suffered acute or chronic pain from injuries or repetitive conditions due to the demands of years of physical labor. So with the support and encouragement of my chiropractor, my friends and family, I enrolled in Raritan Valley Community College to begin my undergraduate studies. I attended Pennsylvania College of Straight Chiropractic in Philadelphia in 1990.
At Atlas Chiropractic Center, I offer Chiropractic care to the entire family, focusing on correcting the subluxations of the spine, to help restore the full functioning of the body's nervous system. I also offer neuro-muscular therapy, which is a soft tissue therapy of the muscles, tendons and ligaments which treats such conditions as fibromyalgia, scoliosis and muscle adhesions to further promote the body's health and biomechanical functioning.
As a woman, a professional and one who has worked in non-traditional fields, I offer sensitivity to the issues that can influence women in the decision-making process concerning their health care needs. I make it a practice to engage my patients in the evaluation process and discuss other treatment options with them. I offer alternative forms of health care, but I work in concert with my patient's other health care professionals.


Dr. Cynthia Oceanak D.C. CN.