Nutrition Response Testing


Nutrition Response Testing uses the body’s own unique intelligence to determine if there is any state of nutritional deficiency in the body. Each organ of the body is in charge of utilizing, absorbing, and distributing certain vitamins and minerals. Nutrition Response Testing works on the premise that the human body has electricity running through it steadily and constantly. If there is a stress to that organ and it is not functional properly, then the nutrition is not being correctly utilized, distributed or absorbed. Over time this sets up the scenario of a deficiency. With Nutrition Response Testing, we are able to test the body using the body’s own electrical reflexes that pertain to specific organs within, to determine what area of the body is affected. Under Nutrition Response Testing analysis system, problems are primarily corrected by identifying and removing any “nutritional roadblock”, changing diet, and strengthening the body by taking whole food supplements until the body’s systems become strong enough to once again work at their optimum performance level.

Dietary Consultations

Personalized programs designed with creative alternatives that enable you to enjoy a healthy life style while making the changes necessary to achieve better overall health.


After examining your spine, your chiropractor introduces a sufficient force into your body to set the subluxated (misaligned) vertebra into motion. Once the bone is in motion, the muscles and ligaments of the spine adjust the vertebrae into its ideal position.

The objective of the chiropractor is to correct vertebral subluxations to allow the nerve system to function better and the individual to express more of what he or she was intended to be.

The spine is not an inanimate object. It is a living organ which is constantly in motion. When the first adjustment is given, vertebra is set back into place that may have been subluxated for fifteen or twenty years. It has become accustomed to being in the wrong position. The muscles and ligaments that should hold the vertebra in the correct position are stretched and weakened. They may have been deprived of their nerve supply for many years. As the spine is continually adjusted, the vertebra spends more and more time in the proper position consequently, the muscles strengthen and are better able to hold the bone in place.

Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular Therapy is a comprehensive soft tissue manipulation technique program. NMT addresses the neuromuscular components of pain by finding the origins of that pain. Performing soft tissue work releases the imbalanced muscles and soft tissues to help restore circulation and proper physiological functioning. The goal is to balance the musculoskeletal with the muscles and nerves.

NMT can help individuals experiencing structural distortion, biomechanical dysfunction and the accompanying problem. It is used to locate and release spasms and hyper contraction in the tissues; eliminate trigger points that cause referred pain; helps restore postural alignment, assist with proper biomechanics and flexibility to the tissues: rebuild the strength of injured tissues and assist venous and lymphatic flow.


Massage has been used for thousands of years as simple and effective methods of attaining and maintaining good health, and its benefits have long been recognized in many cultures throughout the world. Therapeutic massage can be used to promote general well-being and enhance self-esteem, while boosting the circulatory and immune systems to benefit blood pressure, circulation, muscle tone, digestion, and skin tone. It has been incorporated into many health systems and different massage techniques have been developed and integrated into various complementary therapies.

Heart Rate Variability Testing

Heart Rate Variability Testing (HRV) is a simple, non-invasive, fully automated computer-based system designed for quantitative assessment of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) based on Heart Rate Variability analysis. It provides a reliable graph of how the person’s overall health is doing. Dr. Oceanak uses this to chart her patients’ progress on their wellness program.

Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system is a complicated network of vessels, ducts, and nodes that moves fluid between the cells and tissues, and distributes the infection fighting and scavenging cells of the body. When functioning properly it effectively cleanses the tissues and eliminates toxins from the body. These functions are critical to vibrant health! We call it the "information highway of the immune system" paving the way to maintaining life in humans and animals. Lymph vessels can become clogged with protein deposits leading to sluggish flow (congestion) and impaired function. The causes of lymphatic congestion range from injuries and surgery, inactivity and poor diet, to emotional/stress states, environmental toxins, hormone imbalance, and normal aging processes. When this state occurs the blockages cause a backup in the flow of lymphatic fluid, resulting in swelling or edema in the tissues and in various kinds of "symptoms." Consequently, toxic waste matter cannot effectively be released from the body, nor can the immune system function at optimum performance. The result is a wide range of dysfunction and disease.

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